Tuesday, 26 April 2016

[Food] Rokko Japanese Grill Restaurant @Jalan Ampang

Never thought that I was being invited to a foodie meet up organized by a mobile app company, Zomato. 

Zomato is an app all about searching the restaurants, no matter it is a mamak stall or a shop, as long as it has a menu. So, the special part about using Zomato app is that we can glance through the menu before we have decided to dine in. It was originated from India and first launched in Malaysia in October 2015. Malaysia is the 23rd countries. Oh well, it means it has been well-established in other 22 countries.

Talking about the Zomato foodie meet up, it is the culture of Zomato to invite active bloggers or app users for a meal gathering. This time, they made it at Rokko Japanese Grill Restaurant, Jalan Ampang. It is just next to Avenue K, located at the ground floor of Le Apple Boutique Hotel.

This Japanese restaurant has a good ambient environment, it is much nicer to come at night to have the blinking light-bulbs in the surrounding.

The food price is similar to those common Japanese restaurants such as Sushi Zammai or Sushi Tei. We were served with a special menu, from the so-called appetizers to main courses as well as the desserts. The price of foods were shown below, provided it can be found from the table menu.

I have ordered the Ice Lemon Tea (RM 7.50), 
a caring courtesy that it comes together with a separated honey, you can adjust the sweetness yourself.

Green salad,
comes with assorted fresh vegetables, serving with sesame salad sauce.

Edamame (RM 10),
which is a must-appetizer.

Marinated baby octopus. 
I like it personally, just because.

Assorted sashimi (Salmon, tuna, and yellow tail). My favourite of today meal.
Oh, what a generous thick slide of each! I love the tuna and yellow tail personally, can taste the freshness!

Assorted nigiri sushi (Aburi salmon sushi, Shrimp sushi, and Tamago sushi), 
not bad not bad....the shrimp is somehow juicy (meaning it was big enough) and the tamago is with moderate sweetness taste.

Assorted fruit (papaya or pumpkin?), 
couldn't recognise after marinated with sugar. A good breakie dessert before entering the main courses.

Assorted rolled sushi 
(California rolls, soft shell crab rolls, and kapa rolls).
The sushi rolls are with moderately soft-cooked rice, just nice.

Chicken teriyaki
Soft and tasty sauce. It is good to serve with rice, so appetizing.

Beef shiogayaki
Well-cooked of the beef, the seasoning sauce is just nice.

Grilled Markerel (RM 28.5), my favourite too!
It was grilled but juicy and smooth enough. I would definitely want to have one again.

Garlic fried rice (RM 8.50),
it is always tasty when garlic meets the fried rice.

Rokko Yakisoba 
(fried noodle), although I was feeling too full when the dish is served, I still have a good impression to the softness of the noodles and rich of seafood flavour... It would be a good single main course for a meal.

Macha ice cream (RM 9)
Very smooth and rich in macha flavour, can sense that the smoothness is due to the milk too.

The restaurant has some set menu ranged from RM 21.90 onward for the time being. If you were at the area nearby KLCC, it would be a good choice as a Japanese cuisine restaurant.

Address: Le Apple Boutique Hotel Ground Floor, 
160, Jalan Ampang,  
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone:+60 3-2181 6557
Opening hour: 6–10:30AM, 12–3PM, 6–11PM

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